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Who Is Holly Gatto?

I help clients to set goals that will motivate them to be successful. I design unique, flexible programs for each client using a variety of modalities. A hallmark of my training philosophy is helping clients to realize that they will reach their fitness goals over time through hard work, patience, and life balance.

About Me
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My health coaching programs can help you set clear health and fitness goals and adopt winning strategies to achieve them. Physical changes are important but the behavioral changes that are weight related are paramount.

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Personal Training

Whether a person has a body mass index of 20 or 35 is secondary; what matters first and foremost is that I can deliver a safe, engaging experience that clients enjoy enough to do again and again.

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Client Success Stories

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Challenging, fun and allowed me to see my progress!

6 months ago, we sat down to discuss goals. You developed a program that was challenging, fun and allowed me to see my progress. A sprint triathlon, 5K and 10K race later, I have surpassed my goals and am looking forward to more challenges. I cannot thank you enough for your patience and expertise. Thanks!

Jane H.

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Thanks for going above and beyond for me!

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help, motivation, patience and training over the past few months. I could have never completed the tri without such a great trainer! Thanks for going above and beyond for me and all your time spent on emails, calls and especially coming to the race- I appreciate everything you did to help me- You are right. What a great feeling to now call myself a triathlete!!

Joan A.

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I am completely satisfied with the entire experience!

I began training three days a week with Holly in August of 2004 and I am completely satisfied with the entire experience and the results of our work are profound. Holly is completely dedicated to her work and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our sessions. She comes to each session armed with a plan and plenty of motivation for the both of us! She has come to know me and know my body’s physical limitations, but at the same time, knows when to push me to do more. I have come to trust her judgement without a second thought.

Susan T.

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