My fitness programming is based on fitness goals through client engagement and training phases, which allow for safe and effective progression in training offers the best chance of client success. The greatest impact that I can have is to help people gradually change unhealthy habits and establish a positive relationship with exercise.

A hallmark of my service is a client-centered approach to training by emphasizing behavioral psychology techniques such as active listening, collaborative goals setting, and rapport development. Each training session is designed with a systematic and comprehensive approach to exercise programming that facilitates behavior change while improving posture, flexibility, balance, core function, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular endurance, and muscular strength. My programs steadily progress from the most basic levels from stability up to performance training.

Holly Gatto with client.

Flexible Choices For you

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In-Person Training

Starting rate of $98/appointment 

  • Rates vary based on distance traveled
  • Certain gyms may require a usage fee.  That fee is paid by the client.
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Online Personal Training

Starting rate of $256 for 4 weeks of programming via personal training software and the Holly Gatto Fitness online training app

  • Personal training software with an app available on iOS and Android for smartphones, tablets, and PC.
  • Includes a complete training log with exercises, sets, reps and notes for each exercise
  • Exercise bank of over 1000+ live video exercises. Never again will you wonder about what you need to do!
  • Includes messaging in app for changes in programming.  Extremely quick and simple feedback for each completed session
  • First time users for the training software and app will receive a complimentary program review for the first month.  Get all your questions and concerns addressed in the call
  • Program support by email
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Nutrition Coaching (Remote Only)

First month is $539, then a recurring charge of $392 per month.

  • New Nutrition Client- Mandatory Discovery call (first initial call) up to 90 minutes
  • Assess current eating habits and behaviors
  • Discuss other stressors that is affecting eating behaviors
  • Formulate a plan of attack that is doable by the client
  • Weekly check-ins- 60 minutes
  • Discuss progress, and setbacks
  • Assess where changes to programming need to be made
  • Custom health and nutrition programming
  • User friendly app that builds positive change with nutrition and exercise related behavior changes, goal setting, and progress tracking
  • Feel the peace that comes with knowing that a plan will finally lead to that sustainable, healthy living gold that you are really after.
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Client Testimonial

Personal Training

I began training three days a week with Holly in August of 2004 and I am completely satisfied with the entire experience and the results of our work are profound. Holly is completely dedicated to her work and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our sessions. She comes to each session armed with a plan and plenty of motivation for the both of us! She has come to know me and know my body’s physical limitations, but at the same time, knows when to push me to do more. I have come to trust her judgement without a second thought.

Susan T. - Wexford

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I offer health coaching programs that can help you set clear health and fitness goals and adopt winning strategies to achieve them.

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