Health Habits Roadmap Program Details

The Health Habits Roadmap's cornerstone is helping you work through the mindset-changing process to perform new actions, behaviors, and habits that will move you in the right direction. Many get overwhelmed when trying to lose weight and improve their fitness levels. What they tried in the past did not work. As a result, they viewed their past attempts as failures. They say, "Just can't lose weight no matter what they do." which is a false belief. If you believe it, it will happen. Working through these false beliefs is one way mindset changes can help people work toward their goals.

Through coaching sessions, the coach will help you get clear and focused on what you want to achieve with your health and wellness goals:

Step 1.
You will talk about why that is important to you.
Step 2.
You will share the challenges preventing you from reaching your fitness and wellness goals.
Step 3.
You will talk about whether those challenges affect other aspects of your life or vice versa.
Step 4.
We will discuss how long those challenges have been going on.

Your mindset is the foundation that will help you build muscle, lose body fat, and improve your health. Changing your mindset will get you to live the healthy and fit lifestyle you desire. However, changing your mindset takes time and patience. No matter how well you are doing with your healthy lifestyle, the next level will bring a new way of thinking. It will also require new actions, behaviors, and habits to get used to.

Health Habits Roadmap Coaching plans

We've crafted several options and pricing plans to help you on your fitness journey.

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Silver Status coaching program

13 weeks of Silver Status level coaching


20% discount for 13 weeks of Nutrition programming

In-Person programming bundle of 10 appointments

Contract for 13 weeks

Pay in full or three monthly payments of $548

Features include all components of in-person personal training, and nutrition coaching

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Gold Status coaching program

13 weeks of Gold Status level coaching


13 weeks of Nutrition Programming

20% discount for 13 weeks of Online programming

Contract for 13 weeks

Pay in full or three monthly payments of $424

What the platinum program will do for you

Throughout the 13 weeks, each individual will determine which practices they can do, are willing to do, and be able to do consistently.  The skilled coach will guide each individual through this process with assessment and data gathering during each check-in appointment.  During these check-ins, the coach goes beyond this data to understand individuals' goals, values, priorities, stories, anxieties, and ambivalence about change.  The coach will collaborate with the client to identify and build a plan of potential skills, practices, and small daily actions that work toward their goals.  Then, the individual will choose one following action and begin to test it.  The coach can monitor the individual, get their feedback, give feedback when appropriate, and follow up with the individual.  At this point, the client and the coach will decide what to do next based on the results.

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Reduce Stress

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Improve Sleep

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Increase Energy Levels

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Enhance Relationship & Social Connections

Client Testimonials

Jane H. - Wexford

"6 months ago, we sat down to discuss goals. You developed a program that was challenging, fun and allowed me to see my progress. A sprint triathlon, 5K and 10K race later, I have surpassed my goals and am looking forward to more challenges. I cannot thank you enough for your patience and expertise. Thanks!"

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