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Would you believe me if I told you that if you finally lost that 40 pounds, you would get to your next career goal in your law practice?

Would you believe me that if I told you that you would negotiate a deal with a Fortune 500 company worth millions of dollars if you could make the best decision possible by concentrating better because you cleaned up your diet?

The condition of your health and fitness has a tremendous impact on your productivity, motivation, and success.  If you feel better about how you look and, have higher self-esteem, you will be more motivated to do the challenging tasks in your career and life.  You will be more organized and productive.  Google positive self-body image leads to more productivity and article after article will show up in your search.  You will find web-pages that are featured in Inc Magazine, psychology magazines, numerous academic journals, and studies that were done on how being fit and healthy improves self-esteem.

Being fit does have it’s place in career success.  Being fit is subjective.  Being fit doesn’t mean having six-pack abs or glutes that look awesome in your suit pants.  For some, it can mean losing some weight, lower blood pressure, controlled blood sugar levels, and getting off diabetic medication, sleeping better, or adapting to stress better.  

Highly successful executives and professionals are all very productive in their professions.  Your fine-tuned productivity increases your bottom line.  You are more successful at meeting and exceeding budget goals because of your productivity.  You have a highly tuned leadership team that runs like a Formula 1 car because you have tuned your mind to operate like a Formula 1 car.   

If you have such a fine-tuned productivity engine, then why is your health and fitness slowly declining?  

Why do you have uncontrolled hypertension?  
Why are you 50 pounds overweight?  
Why have you been told by your physician that you are borderline diabetic?  
Why can’t you just get your stuff together with your weight?  

If you were just as productive with your health and fitness goals as you are with your professional goals, you would look better, feel better, sleep better, deal with stress better.  There is a missing link here and you know it.  You just don’t know how to start to repair that missing link. 

Think about it. If you feel tired all day long, how productive do you think you can go through the day?  If you are so fatigued to the point that you can’t focus during your board meetings, how productive will you be in being a leader on your team?  Will you be able to manage your team effectively?

You desire to be more productive.  Whether it’s managing and leading your team better or increasing profit margins, you want to be more productive.  You may have hired a productivity coach.  You may have thought about hiring a systems and strategy consultant to re-tune your business.  These coaches and consultants can produce results but there is one aspect that they often overlook. They fail to look at the management of individuals’ health and wellness.  

I am not saying that these coaches and consultants are negligent.  Many don’t handle health and wellness aspects when working with clients because that area is out of their scope of practice.  Simply, they are not qualified to work on a client’s health and fitness.

You are under tremendous amounts of stress.  We all know about the effects of stress on the body.  Combine that with a Type A personality, a hefty dose of perfectionism, lack of sleep, and a bad diet, it’s a recipe for disaster.  The train wreck is coming and you can see it.  

More often than not, you will have uncontrolled blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Your blood sugar is like a roller coaster.  You don’t sleep well.  You may smoke and indulge in alcoholic beverages frequently.  And then there is your physical activity and the unwanted pounds.  There is no daily exercise habit or very limited amounts of it.  You are too tired to start an exercise program let alone even think about starting one. You hate looking in the mirror.

Channeling your desires to more productive in your career path into being more committed with your diet and exercise plan will help you to start to make improvements in your health.  Just starting the process of cleaning up your diet can lead to better blood sugar levels. You will be getting better sleep, your concentration will be better, your weight starts to drop and your well being will improve.  You will feel better and look better.  Guess what that will do with your productivity?  You could get that extra 5% improvement from your leadership team by being managed by someone who isn’t angry because you are overweight and can’t sleep.

With the improved concentration, your discipline will increase.   You will feel less overwhelmed.  Guess what happens next?  Your productivity increases.  You are less stressed.  You are less likely to snap at your employees.  Your employees are happier, your team is happier, and the bottom line grows. 

Being productive in your fitness and health is the missing piece.  That missing piece will complete the big picture of being successful professionally and personally. Finding that missing piece and figuring out how to put that missing piece into place is the hard part. 

In my Conquer, Inspire, Ignite transformation program, you will see what those missing pieces are and how they will fit into making your puzzle complete.

I have created this program which focuses on providing dramatic improvements in stress levels, weight management, and other health risk factors.

The Exploratory Conversation is the first step in this transformation program. This step is a completely FREE phone call with no obligations to buy anything. 

Why Should You Do the Exploratory Call?

I’m a seasoned personal trainer, health and wellness coach, and speaker who has trained hundreds of high impact professionals in the past 20 years. In the call, you will learn to implement some of the tools and strategies to Conquer your mind, Inspire change, and Ignite your body for profound results.

You will learn how to make dramatic improvements in your stress levels.  
You will learn how to boost your self-body image.

Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will be dramatically decreased by implementing strategies that I share with you. 

Your blood sugar will be controlled with remarkable results.

You will learn how to overcome the pitfalls of weight gain and successfully manage your weight long-term.

When I coach clients, it’s more than just sets, reps, and diet. I offer mindset strategies so you can conquer your mind to ignite your body and inspire change.  I deliver more than training routines and diets and getting you on that structure. Once your mindset has changed, it will be easier to follow through on those training routines and diets and you’ll get the results.

The mindset is the foundation that will help you build muscle and lose body fat. Changing your mindset takes time and patience.  Realizing that it does take time to start to change your mindset can seem daunting, too hard or you are fearful that you will lose focus through the process.  

The exploratory conversation is all about you. It will help you to get clear and focused on what you really want to achieve with your health and wellness. You will talk about why that is important to you. You’ll share with me the challenges that are preventing you from reaching your fitness and wellness goals. And if those challenges are affecting other aspects of your life or vice versa. You will talk about how long those challenges have been going on. I will help you see how great you would feel if you break through those challenges and achieve your fitness and wellness goals.  You will finally be able to see that it is possible instead of thinking about it year after year.  

The conversation isn’t focused on giving you advice. It’s your opportunity to talk to an expert to gain perspective and be objective about the decisions that you are making now that’s affecting your fitness and wellness.  

It takes time for me as a coach to really know you before I can give you a direction that you can use.

It takes time to develop trust and build rapport. You are starting a lifestyle-modification program and dealing with feelings of stress, apprehension, and insecurity.

It takes months most of the time to create real, lasting change in your life because you have lived your entire life going in a particular direction due to the beliefs and events created over your lifetime. There are many more pieces of the puzzle to work with. 

I want to take you through a conversation. I can help you get your goals all lined out,  your mindset and motivation is such an important part. I can help you put all the pieces together. I’ll talk to you about training routines and diet and putting that into the context of overall powerful productive goals. 

I’ve taken dozens of clients throughout my 20+ years as a personal trainer and health coach just like you through this process. I’ve helped them get clear and get focused on what steps they needed to take to work on their health and wellness.

I want you to ask yourself what is the one thing that you want to get out of our conversation during the exploratory call. Share with me what it is that you want to get out of the exploratory call with me. Drop me a message at The Exploratory Call drop-down link with any questions that you may have about coaching.  

Tell me about the problems you have about trying to lose weight, get off your cholesterol medications, control your blood sugar better, or any other aspects about your health that you want to improve. Do you lack a positive support system that will help you work towards your health and wellness goals? Click here if you are ready to have an Exploratory conversation with me.

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