Accountability Is Everything


Have you noticed that you just might be getting fitter during the COVID-19 pandemic? Why?

Could it be that you are putting more focus on getting in some sort of activity because you are stuck at home? You are forced to not go out as much for multiple trips to the grocery store. You are probably going on a grocery run once a week. You are also being more mindful as to what you are buying. You might be buying fewer snack foods since you are sitting at home. It’s in your head that you need to start to cut down on the snacks since you noticed that you are stress eating.  

You aren’t going out to eat as much. How many times per week did you go out for lunch or dinner before the pandemic? I bet more than once a week.  

Think about it. You were forced to make a change to your daily life practically overnight. You didn’t choose to make those changes.  

Circumstances trigger thoughts. Thoughts cause feelings. Feelings cause actions. Actions cause results.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a circumstance. It happened and was out of your control. The social restrictions that were placed on you by the Federal and local governments are circumstances. 

As a result, you are working from home. Perhaps you have gotten furloughed. Your children are home from school and are doing their school work online. You are now wearing a mask when you are on your once a week grocery shopping trips. These are all circumstances.

These circumstances have caused a lot of feelings and thoughts to dominate your brain. Some thoughts and feelings are positive and some are negative.  

The key is to choose how you respond by changing your thinking. You can’t change the circumstances. What you can change is how you respond to the circumstances.  

Will you continue to stay angry and continue to eat snacks? This will continue to make you feel crappy. This is a feeling. If you start to cut down on your snacking habits, you will feel better. Cutting down on snacking is an action. Feeling better is a result

Will you continue to feel depressed about what’s going on? This is a feeling. Or will you turn off the TV and restrict how much social media you are scrolling through? This is an action.  You will be less stressed which is a result. 

Will you decide to go outside for a walk (if you are permitted) and get some fresh air and Vitamin B? This is an action.

You can choose to respond to the circumstances negatively or positively. These are actions. What happens from your actions are results and they can be positive outcomes or negative outcomes. 

My challenge to you is to start to think about how you are going to handle things and respond to situations once this pandemic slows down. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Hold yourself accountable for positive actions. Think about the positive results that you have happened since you have changed your mindset.

What will you continue to do? Will you continue to cook your meals and bring the leftovers to work? Will you continue to make whatever choices that have made you drop a few unwanted pounds? Will you continue to get some exercise in your day? Will you choose to only eat out once a week? Will you continue those daily walks around your neighborhood with your family?

Hold yourself accountable.

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