Exploratory Conversation


The Exploratory Conversation is the first step in my Conquer, Ignite, Inspire Transformation Program.  This first step is a completely FREE phone call with no obligations to buy anything.

In the Exploratory Conversation, you will learn to implement the tools and strategies to conquer your mind, inspire change, and ignite your body for profound results.

You will make dramatic improvements in your stress levels. 
You will boost your self-body image.
Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will be dramatically decreased.
Your blood sugar will be controlled with remarkable results
You will learn how to overcome the pitfalls of weight gain and successfully manage your weight long term.

When I coach clients, it’s more than just sets, reps and the diet.  I offer mindset strategies so you can conquer your mind to ignite your body and inspire change .  I deliver more than training routines and diets and getting you on that structure.  Once your mindset has changed, it will be easier to follow through on those training routines and diets and you’ll get the results.  

The mindset is the foundation will help you build muscle and lose body fat. Changing your mindset takes time and patience.  Realizing that it does take time to start to change your mindset can seem daunting, too hard or you are fearful that you will lose focus through the process.  

The exploratory conversation is all about you.  It will help you to get clear and focused on what you really want to achieve with your health and wellness.  You will talk about why that is important to you.  You’ll share with me the challenges that are preventing you from reaching your fitness and wellness goals and if those challenges are affecting other aspects of your life or vice versa.  You will talk about how long those challenges have been going on.  I will help you see how great you would feel if you break through those challenges and achieve your fitness and wellness goals.  You will finally be able to see that it is possible instead of thinking about it year after year.  

The conversation isn’t focused on giving you advice. It’s your opportunity to talk to an expert to gain perspective and be objective about the decisions that you are making now that’s affecting your fitness and wellness.  

It takes time for me as a coach to really know you before I can give you a direction that you can really use.  It takes time to develop trust and build rapport.  You are starting a lifestyle-modification program and dealing with feelings of stress, apprehension, and insecurity.   It takes months most of the time to create real, lasting change in your life because you have lived your entire life going in a particular direction due to the beliefs and events created over your lifetime.

I can help you get your goals all lined out. Your mindset and motivation is such an important part of this process.  I can help you put all the pieces together.  I’ll talk to you about training routines and diet but putting that into the context of overall powerful productive goals. 

I’ve taken dozens of clients throughout my 20+ years as a personal trainer and health coach just like you through this process.  I’ve helped them get clear and get focused on what steps they needed to take to work on their health and wellness. 

I want you to ask yourself what is the one thing that you want to get out of our conversation during the exploratory call. Share with me what it is that you want to get out of the exploratory call with me.

You can send a message at this link with any questions that you may have about coaching. Tell me about the problems you have about trying to lose weight, get off your cholesterol medications, and control your blood sugar better.

If you are ready to have an Exploratory conversation with me, click this link schedule an appointment.

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