How to Change Your Mindset and Reach Your Fitness Goals

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At Holly Gatto Fitness, we’ve created a free guide called the Health Habits Guideline. This free guide is a primer to the Health Habits Roadmap, our gold-star health coaching program to bring awareness to how important a positive mindset is for your physical health. Only when you change your mindset can you start to focus on making dramatic improvements in stress levels, weight management, and other health risk factors.  You can take the first steps in the process by downloading the Health Habits Guideline by subscribing to our newsletter.

Taking the first steps to improve your fitness isn’t an easy task, and neither is changing how you think about healthy eating and exercise. Though it can get difficult, changing your mindset to take those first few steps is imperative to your success. With Holly Gatto, a top Pittsburgh personal trainer and the Health Habits Roadmap coaching program you can take the necessary steps to move forward with your health and fitness.

What is Holding You Back?

With the right personal trainer in Pittsburgh, you can push through your biggest mental and physical roadblocks

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A remote appointment with Holly Gatto can get you started with goal setting..

Though some people assume that getting fit requires taking that first step to change your diet or start an exercise program, there is some work you need to do before starting your fitness plan in earnest. 

The first thing you should do before changing your lifestyle is change your mindset. Your mind is the most powerful tool in your body for getting in shape and staying in shape. Luckily Holly Gatto, a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, has developed her Health Habits Roadmap coaching program to help you adjust your mindset. All too often, people with the best intentions are unable to continue with their fitness journey because of their thought patterns. Here are a few common ways of thinking about fitness that we try overcome:

  • Unsure of how to start exercising
  • Anxiety about a new diet plan
  • Concerns about not having enough time to exercise
  • Personal training won’t work for me
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling discouraged if results aren’t immediate
  • Going for crash diets/crash exercise plans that are unsustainable

If you have any of these feelings or thoughts surrounding diet and exercise — that’s okay! At Holly Gatto Fitness, we can help you work through any questions or concerns you may have about starting your fitness plan.

What is the Health Habits Guideline?

Your Pittsburgh personal trainer Holly Gatto will walk you through the steps to change your mindset

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Holly Gatto can help you establish healthy habits and stick to it.

The Health Habits Guideline will help you to get started thinking about a plan. The techniques in the Health Habits Guideline keep you motivated and moving forward. If you really dig down deep in your thoughts when going through the steps in the guideline, you are laying the groundwork for strategies that will work for you in the long term.

Step One

Step one of the Health Habits Guidelines is examining and writing down the changes you want to make. The key here is to not think too hard about it, let your thoughts and feelings flow on to the page. Once you’ve completed your list of things you want to change, look at the list and pick a few changes you want to prioritize.

Step Two

Step two of the Health Habits Guidelines is taking your list of changes you would like to make and start thinking about which actions you can take to alter your behavior. When you’re trying to alter your diet and exercise habits, it can seem impossible at first. But, by setting small goals in pursuit of larger goals you are already taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Only when you’ve identified the things you most want to change about your habits can you analyze the factors that cause unhealthy habits. The Health Habits Guidelines are there to help you understand your behavior and how you can change.

How Will the Health Habits Guidelines Help Me Achieve My Fitness Goals?

Changing your mind is the first step to changing your health and fitness

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After changing your habits, you can start reaching higher and higher goals.

Once you’ve downloaded and reviewed the Health Habits Guideline set by Holly Gatto, you will start to see results. Just by altering your thoughts and feelings about your health, you can:

  • Improve your stress levels
  • Get motivated and stay motivated when changing your diet
  • Curb frustrations that come with sticking to a diet
  • Stop overwhelming feelings while you’re working out
  • Achieve higher levels of self confidence
  • Manage your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels other health risk factors better

By following the Health Habits Guideline you can start the process to conquer your mind, inspire change, and to ignite your body.

Are you looking to improve your fitness by finding a personal trainer in Pittsburgh? With the help of Holly Gatto you can overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are inhibiting the healthy lifestyle that you desire. With a personalized fitness plan, you can learn how to free yourself of all the emotional baggage that holds you down. Ready to get started? Download Holly Gatto’s free Health Habits Guideline or get in touch with Holly Gatto Fitness to start working towards your fitness goals today.

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