Is Losing A Pound A Week Realistic?

Weight Loss

Is losing a pound a week realistic for you right now?  

Especially since you have been/have gone through COVID.  

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

You have gone through, been through and still going through a lot of stress from COVID.  It's hard to start to get to some normalcy and/or even attempt to START to get back to some normalcy.  Getting back to a regular exercise or try to clean up your diet was tough before. Now, it's even harder.


It's your thoughts and behaviors that need to change.

Thinking that you can lose a pound a week may not be so realistic for you right now.  Perhaps you need to back your needs, wants and goals WAY BACK. Scale them back.  Put less stress on yourself by doing smaller goals.

You have a lot on your plate already and you feel the push and pull of the struggle bus trying to manage your career, kids going back to school, COVID still impacting your life and you are still wanting to drop a few pounds.

You are ready for a change. Perhaps you have been thinking about ways to start to make that change.

Let's take a moment and stop those overwhelming thoughts. Stop those thoughts that your goals are hopeless and you will never get to achieve them.

You can totally achieve your goals but you have to realize that you need to go about it in a different way. You can't assume that how you did it in the past will work again.

The Health Habits Guideline can help you become more aware of your behavior, habits, and thoughts. These are what is stopping you from reaching your fitness goals. You will learn how to spot these behaviors by doing the steps that I will be talking about in the Health Habits Guideline. You will begin to take action to change these behaviors so you don't look at yourself as a failure on your weight loss journey.

You will discover what you might say no to in order to say yes to so you can get fitter.
You will learn what activities you could do less of so that you can do more.
You will begin to change your mindset that will take you to the next level of fitness.

By doing these thought provoking exercises you begin to see why you are struggling. You'll begin to see the solutions to your struggles. Then you will take the steps to begin to work on the struggles.


How quickly someone gets through their struggles depends on if they were able to recognize their automatic thinking and take actions to change their thinking. Behavior awareness gives you clues as to how to start to change your habits that are affecting your fitness goals.

The Health Habits Guideline is a FREE download. The Guideline will get the ball rolling for you. It can help you take the first tiny steps on your fat loss goals.

I will warn you however, it will take some work and you will get uncomfortable about what you need to change. Being uncomfortable is a good sign that you can see how you need to change. Have faith in yourself and the process.

You can find the Health Habits Guideline by visiting this link.

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