Mindset is the foundation that will help you build muscle, lose body fat, and improve your health


Many people don’t know what coaching is.

They think that coaching is giving them specific strategies to lose weight, lose body fat and get fit. That’s what average personal trainers and coaches do. There is a tremendous value that I give with the overall vision of a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

I deliver more than training routines, diets and getting you on that structured weight loss program. I offer mindset strategies. Once your mindset has changed, it will be easier to follow through on those training routines and diets. You will get the results.  

Your mindset is the foundation that will help you build muscle, lose body fat, and improve your health. A change in your mindset will get you to live a healthy and fit lifestyle that you desire. Changing your mindset takes time and patience. Realizing that it does take time to start to change your mindset can seem daunting, too hard. You may be fearful that you will lose focus through the process.  

No matter how well you are doing with your healthy lifestyle, the next level will take a new way of thinking. It will also require actions that you are not used to doing. You lose focus on your health and fitness goals because your life is very busy. You lose focus because you have been thinking the same way and doing the same thing for long periods. Through regular coaching sessions, you won't lose sight of a healthy lifestyle that you want.  

You will have focus 

You will gain clarity

Through coaching sessions, I will help you to get clear and focused on what you really want to achieve with your health and wellness goals. You will talk about why that is important to you. You will share with me the challenges that are preventing you from reaching your fitness and wellness goals. You will talk about if those challenges are affecting other aspects of your life or vice versa. We will discuss how long those challenges have been going on. I will help you see how great you would feel if you break through those challenges and achieve those goals. You will finally be able to see that it is possible instead of thinking about it year after year. You will get a clear vision of what you really want.

You will gain perspective

Sometimes when we are working hard toward our fitness goals, it's difficult to figure out if we are pushing ourselves too hard or not hard enough. It's tough to know if you need to change what you are doing because it simply isn't working or if you just need to keep on doing what you are doing for a longer period of time. Coaching with me and continually examining your current situation will give you the perspective you need to succeed. I'll help you get a level of perspective that you simply can't get all by yourself. You'll move toward your goals more freely. You will be unencumbered by all of the second-guessing and internal chatter that comes from not having the right perspective.

Following through on regular exercise and nutrition is much simpler to do once an overall vision is understood. Coaching will improve your physical body. You will understand emotionally why improving your fitness can affect your overall life. There will be times during sessions, that we will be talking about various aspects that are interfering with your progress. We will talk about ways to surpass those obstacles and prepare for the future when they happen again.  

You don’t get in many situations where someone like me who is as skilled as me and as accomplished as me to listen to you. I will guide you through a process to get you connected to what you desire with your health and fitness goals. You won’t get an opportunity to have someone listen to you. I’m a great listener. I’m detached from you unlike a friend, partner or spouse. They can’t get to the very painful and emotional thoughts that you express. They will interrupt and talk about their own experiences. This doesn’t help the situation. The conversation isn’t focused on you and what solutions can work for you.  

I don’t always give directives when coaching people. I offer options, perspectives, and objectivity. Through coaching, you come up with the solutions. When you start to come up with your own solutions, you will be in discovery mode with your life. We will check in with your committed process to change your lifestyle.  

When you have everything in your life in order, it is easier for you to live a healthier lifestyle that you want. You will learn to continually ask yourself questions to keep yourself on track. 

The best attitude and the willingness to work hard won't matter if you don't create an effective plan-of-attack and follow through with that plan. You have to take consistent action. I will help you create a set of effective RESULTS-DRIVEN "daily disciplines" that will jump-start your progress and move you in the right direction.

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