The Power of Small Changes To Your Self Care


Self-Care What is it?

The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

The practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Self-care involves many more aspects that affect more than just your physical health.

Your mind, your environment, your emotions, your relationships, your time, your resources all affect your physical health. This should come to you as no surprise.

Ever struggled to get back to the gym when you came back from a vacation in which you had way to much fun?

How about getting back to your normal eating pattern after the holidays? Maybe it takes you a few days to get back on track. Or more than likely, it takes you 3 weeks to get back on track.

Sound familiar?

All of these aspects affect your health. In reality, they affect your health more than you realize. 

Trying to improve your self-care can seem difficult, impossible or even seem hopeless.

You already have too much to do. You have a full plate or worse yet, you find a reason to beat yourself up. You get irritated and frustrated when someone tells you that "you should take better care of yourself”. You won't act on the steps for self-care if you focus on that judgment or react to it. That is self sabotage. Self care involves being connected with yourself. The steps will begin when you believe in your mission, your goals. WHO and WHAT can be in support of you and help you take those positive small steps?

How can you put self-care into every aspect of your life?

JUST GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! This is extremely important.

Cut yourself a break when you screw-up.

Nobody is perfect.

We are our own worst enemy.

We are critical of ourselves. 

For Type A personality and very driven people, this is magnified.  When you hold yourself accountable and are stressing yourself out trying to be a perfectionist, ask yourself what would you say to a friend if they were feeling the same. This thought process happens to every single client that I work with.

When I coach clients, we are a team. Your input is a highly valued aspect of the successful team and that is key to your success. You decide what your goals are and you are in control. You decide who and what can help you make those positive small steps. There is a risk of deciding on what will be the right steps you need to take. If the step is too big, it will seem daunting and too difficult. Breaking those steps down into smaller steps is less daunting and intimidating. This puts you in a more positive environment for achieving goals. Deciding what those small steps are is not as easy as you think because they involve your mind, your environment, your emotions, your relationships, your time, and your resources. All of those environmental factors are very complex.

Talking about smaller steps paves a path for a higher success rate for goals. Finding the right small step is essential to your success. I help you find the most realistic and achievable small steps by getting you to open up about your fears and limiting beliefs that are inhibiting the healthy lifestyle that you desire. Working towards small steps in a positive safe environment will help keep you from being so critical. We look at those times that you screwed up and learn from them. We plan other ways to avoid screwing up again. The next time you mess up, the effect will be less and you will be able to handle the situation better. You will be less anxious and irritable. This will provide the right psychological environment where you will move through your self-doubt more quickly. Contact me for an exploratory phone call to help you see the gap where you are now in regards to your fitness and wellness to where you want to be

Cut yourself a break and learn that it’s okay to screw up. Learn from messing up. 

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