Virtual, In-Person, or At-Home Personal Training: Which is Right For Me?


Taking that first step on your fitness journey is often the most difficult part. Too many people are overwhelmed or too nervous to ask questions about exercise, so they push their health goals to the side. Though getting back in shape might seem impossible, many just need a little bit of guidance to get started. That’s why when you seek out the help of a Pittsburgh personal trainer at Holly Gatto Fitness, we help create a custom plan and get you comfortable with a new exercise routine. 

The question then becomes — which type of personal training is best for you? We offer in-person, virtual, and at-home training so that we can work with your schedule and create a plan and stick to it. Everyone has a different lifestyle and different preferences, meaning that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to start personal training. If you’re curious about which type of training best suits you, keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each option. 

What is Virtual Personal Training?

For those with busy schedules, meeting with a Pittsburgh personal trainer over video call is an ideal option

bald man yoga mat looking at laptop workout stretching position
If you feel more comfortable getting fit from home, virtual training is perfect for you.

Now more than ever, people are realizing that they don’t need to go to a gym 5 days a week to lose weight. Over the last year, there has been a major boom in virtual personal training, and many are finding that it fits better with their lifestyle than in-person training. Especially when just starting on their fitness journey, some clients prefer autonomy in their personal training. Virtual training with Holly Gatto helps clients learn exercises, problem solve, and hold themselves accountable. To help, Holly Gatto has training apps to help accomplish strength training. 

In these training apps, you can view an entire strength training program on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. All of your programming changes can be seen in the app. With the messaging feature in the app, you will be able to give feedback on that day’s program. Then, your trainer can then make changes to the program quickly.

What is At-Home Personal Training?

Get all of the benefits of a Pittsburgh personal trainer right in your own home

personal trainer and young woman doing sit ups in home
Personal training from home is the most convenient way to see a personal trainer.

Another great option for individuals with busy schedules is at-home training. At-home training is a convenient option as a trainer will come directly to your home on your schedule.One common misconception about at-home training is that clients are under the impression that they need to have a full setup of equipment in their home. Minimal equipment can make a great, effective workout. All that is required is bands, an exercise mat or yoga mat, a stability ball, and perhaps a few dumbbells.  

At home personal training is also a great option for those who need individualized instruction. Not everyone can pick up a training program easily, and some will need to ask questions and receive step by step guidance. 

Working with a trainer in the comfort of your own home is also a great option for those that get overwhelmed by gym environments. So, if you’re someone who is still new to regular exercise, you might want to consider at-home training to get you started.

What About Training at a Gym?

Working with a Pittsburgh personal trainer in a gym space gives you the opportunity to build your own fitness community

Holly Gatto training picture dumbell man wearing new york city shirt
Get acquainted with different types of equipment with supervised gym training.

If you just can’t get yourself motivated to work out in your home, then you should try personal training at a gym. When you see a Pittsburgh personal trainer at a gym, you have access to all of the equipment in the facility, which means that your options for exercise are limitless. It is also beneficial for some people to make friends and find others with similar exercise goals. Interacting and sharing ideas with others on your same fitness journey helps a lot of clients stay motivated and hold themselves accountable to their fitness plan.

Which Option is the Best Fit For Me?

The best fitness plan for you is the one that fits your health goals and lifestyle

Personal Training Battle Rope Exercise outdoor
The right type of personal training is the one that keeps you motivated and making progress.

No matter which option you choose, know that fitness programming with Holly Gatto is based on your fitness goals through engagement and training phases. All services are client-centered, emphasizing behaviour psychology techniques to bring you a systematic and comprehensive approach to change your behaviors and your habits. 

Before you decide which style of training is the best for you, you want to ask yourself a few questions first. The first thing to consider is your level of exercise experience. If you have never trained or used equipment before, you should consider starting with in person training to build your basic skill and knowledge. After you’ve learned from in-person instruction, you might want to move to virtual sessions that fit better with your schedule. In the end, the type of training you choose will depend on your priorities and prior experience. 

If you are unsure of which type of personal training is the best for you, the best advice you can get is by contacting an accomplished Pittsburgh personal trainer. With Holly Gatto you can overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are inhibiting the healthy lifestyle that you desire. With a personalized fitness plan, you can learn how to free yourself of all the emotional baggage that holds you down. Ready to get started? Download Holly Gatto’s free Health Habits Guideline or get in touch with Holly Gatto Fitness to start working towards your fitness goals today!

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