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Weight Loss

Changing your mindset is the key to start exercising, eating better, and feeling great about yourself and your body. Your habits, thoughts, and the chaos of everyday life can all prevent you from feeling your best and finding the motivation to change. Only when you decide to change your behavior, can you alter your thought patterns to live a healthier life. With a combination of personal training and health coaching offered by Holly Gatto Fitness, you can build your confidence and start working towards your fitness goals.

When you choose Holly Gatto as your Pittsburgh personal trainer, you’ll discover which behaviors and habits are holding you back from your healthiest self. Holistic health coaching and personal training can help you look at your situation with a different set of eyes. Once you get the hang of it — step by step — you’ll start to develop regular exercise habits and improve your nutrition.  

Get Started With A Change in Mindset

Holly Gatto, one of the top Pittsburgh personal trainers, knows that fitness begins in the mind

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Your mind is your most powerful health and wellness tool.

When you work with Holly Gatto Fitness, you will be conquering your mind, breaking your bad habits, and changing your body. For many, going through this process will create some uncomfortable feelings. With continued health coaching, you can change your attitude and push through those uncomfortable feelings —  but it won’t be a walk in the park.

Through coaching techniques, our clients begin to embrace the uncomfortable thoughts and behaviors. Change is never easy, but it helps move us forward and alter unhealthy habits that may hold you back from reaching your health and fitness goals. In fact, Holly offers resources to her clients, like her Health Habits Guideline, to help steer you in the right direction with your personal habits. As you go through health coaching and fitness training, your Pittsburgh personal trainer will help you discover the thought patterns and behaviors that are holding you back.

Open Communication During Training Sessions

Conversation and feedback during training sessions establishes a trusting relationship between you and your Pittsburgh personal trainer

Holly Gatto correcting the form of a client during a lifting workout
Your individualized health and wellness plan is a collaborative effort.

The first few sessions with Holly Gatto — your Pittsburgh personal trainer — are focused on empathy and establishing individual boundaries. Every client has mental boundaries in terms of their willingness to change, ability to change, and emotional readiness. Holly realizes that your mental health directly correlates with your physical health, so your training will go far beyond your time together in the gym.

Holly believes that building a high level of rapport with all clients is essential to establish a starting point for your fitness journey. On the client side, building rapport means that each conversation and interaction requires focused thought and purpose. Overall, open communication and feedback between trainer and client is vitally important to the continued success of the training plan.

A Welcoming Exercise Environment

When you join Holly Gatto personal training, you are entering an understanding yet challenging exercise space

Holly Gatto personal training image in gym space
Everyone should feel comfortable at the start of their fitness journey.

Most new clients starting a lifestyle modification program are dealing with feelings of stress, apprehension, and insecurity. When you begin training with Holly Gatto, you’ll start by acknowledging and addressing these emotions and perceptions.

All too often, the most difficult part of getting in shape is maintaining confidence and motivation. In the personal training world, we refer to this as a client's self-efficacy. Self-efficacy refers to an individual’s belief in their ability to successfully start and act on a lifestyle modification program. Overall, when you work with Holly Gatto, she’ll help you find the confidence you need to improve your health through exercise and health coaching.

Holistic Health Skills For Success Outside of the Gym

Learn what you need to stay fit outside of your personal training sessions

Staying healthy is a daily commitment.

While the work completed inside the gym is absolutely important, what occurs outside of the gym has a bigger impact on your overall lifestyle modification program. Everyone deals with daily stressors like their career and family that can impact their overall wellness. So, when you train with Holly Gatto, she’ll take these factors into consideration when helping clients modify their lifestyle to help them to lose weight, build strength, and reduce health risk factors. 

As mentioned before, working through these outside factors may feel uncomfortable, but it is through discomfort that the real progress begins to take place.

Individualized Training and Health Coaching Programs

The best personal training plans are the ones made specifically to fit with your lifestyle and fitness goals

Holly Gatto correcting the form of a client during an exercise
Get your best workout with a personalized training program.

At Holly Gatto Fitness, no two clients are trained the same way. Some clients may have similar goals — but the pathways to achieve those goals are different. You’ll work at different speeds, encounter different roadblocks, and find different measures of success than your peers. Should you hit any roadblocks, remember that this is your journey and you can’t compare yourself to others. When feelings of doubt begin, Holly Gatto Fitness is here to help you push through the hard times, adjust your mindset, and stay on track.

Are you looking to improve your fitness by finding a Pittsburgh personal trainer? With the help of Holly Gatto you can overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are inhibiting the healthy lifestyle that you desire. With a personalized fitness plan, you can learn how to free yourself of all the emotional baggage that holds you down. Ready to get started? Download Holly Gatto’s free Health Habits Guideline or get in touch with Holly Gatto Fitness to start working towards your fitness goals today.

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