Why Personal Training is Beneficial for Endurance Athletes


Endurance athletes are a different breed. Experienced endurance athletes are willing and able to subject themselves to prolonged periods of running, biking, and swimming. However, endurance athletes do not only participate in triathlons, there are a lot of athletes doing other types of races like Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, ultramarathons, and adventure races.

To become an endurance athlete, it takes long days of training and pushing your mind and body to the limit. Because pushing through discomfort is part of endurance, many athletes will experience injuries during their training. Setbacks are often not an option when training for a big race. So, how can you ensure that you aren’t at risk for injury during your training? We have Holly Gatto, top personal trainer in Pittsburgh to discuss how personal training will improve your overall endurance. 

Why Do Endurance Athletes Need Injury Prevention Strategies?

Personal trainers in Pittsburgh know how personalized strength training can prevent injury related setbacks

running pain injury rendering redness
Stress fractures are most common among endurance athletes.

When endurance athletes train, whether it be running, biking, or swimming, their soft tissue (muscle, tendons, and ligaments) is subjected to this repeated training stress for months. Despite the discomfort, the athlete’s mindset needs to remain in a state where they continue to train despite the discomfort that comes with training. Some will be so driven that they will train past the discomfort, which can lead to injuries. 

Often, postural imbalances and repetitive movements contribute to muscular weakness and decreased flexibility. These issues are compounded by the repetitive movements used in endurance training. Luckily, issues like this can be improved and injuries can be avoided. With the help of a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, you can learn how to maintain flexibility and strengthen your body so that you can achieve that next personal record. 

What Does a Personal Training Program For Endurance Athletes Look Like?

With the help of a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, you can prevent stress related injuries

woman stretching on tree stump training for long distance running
Even seasoned athletes need help to stay on track.

When athletes get injured during their endurance training, it is not an experience they’ll likely forget. An injury during training could mean missing a race, or even the rest of the racing season. That’s why more endurance athletes are seeking the help of a personal trainer in Pittsburgh. Let’s see what local personal trainer Holly Gatto has to say about how she trains her endurance athletes: 

“I have worked with many endurance athletes and the majority of them have had training related injuries in the past. They don’t want injuries to happen again, so they seek out my services. To get started, I take each athlete through a movement assessment. I start the assessment by pinpointing areas of concern. For example, a client may be lacking core strength, which can lead to lower back problems. Once the problem is located, I’ll set my clients on a supplementary training plan to physically and emotionally support their endurance training regimen.”

  • Holly Gatto

This is just one example of how personal trainers in Pittsburgh approach training for endurance athletes. Instead of an overall training program, you’ll receive a specific program to help you achieve your goals and prevent injury. 

Can Beginner Endurance Athletes Benefit from Personal Training?

Personal trainers in Pittsburgh can also help you get ready for your first 5K, 10K, or even a sprint triathlon

Holly Gatto fitness training photo
With the right diet and exercise programs, you can achieve your personal fitness goals.

Personal training for endurance athletes is not just for those who already have years of experience under their belt. Personal training is also beneficial for those who are getting ready for their first few races. Often, new athletes who have just begun endurance training will experience aches and pains and their body gets accustomed to a new program. Though this is normal, pushing yourself too hard at the beginning will lead to injury. Luckily, personal training can help you properly stretch, strengthen, and rest your muscles in between endurance training sessions. 

Many beginners have no idea how to prepare a program that will work for them, which is absolutely okay. With the help of a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, you can get started on a comprehensive and realistic personal training plan.

How Does Health Coaching Affect Endurance Training?

Your body won’t be able to endure hard workouts without the proper fuel

nutritionist creating diet plan
Proper nutrition is key for endurance training.

In addition to an exercise plan, it is also important to pay attention to your nutrition while training. When you exert yourself by endurance training, you need to properly fuel your body as well. Fueling your body means that you are giving your body the correct nutrients to get the job done. Often, with endurance sports, you will need to bring some fuel with you during a training session or during a race. For example, many triathletes need to refuel in the transition period between biking and running. When you choose personal training and health coaching with Holly Gatto, she can help you execute fast triathlon transitions and help you fill any nutritional gaps you may not have noticed.

When you decide to train for endurance with Holly Gatto you can avoid injuries and get ready for your best racing season ever. With a personal trainer in Pittsburgh and a health coaching plan, you’ll get in touch with your body and learn which endurance training techniques work best for you. Ready to get started? Get in touch with Holly Gatto Fitness or download the free Health Habits Guideline to start working towards your fitness goals today!

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