Why your attempts at losing weight or eating better have failed

Weight Loss

Why waiting till the time is right to get fit will never happen.

Many people who want to lose bodyfat or see a specific number on the scale wait for the prefect time to get on an exercise program and a nutrition plan. They think that they need to do the plan perfectly or it will just suck. They will hate doing it.

"I have to get finished with a project at work before I can start to eat better."

"I need to wait till the kids are done with soccer season so my schedule is more free for me to go to the gym."

"I'm too embarrassed to step foot in a gym."

This all or nothing thinking usually sets them back further. They gain more weight. They feel more fatigued and stressed out. It's been months since they have done any form of exercise. And they feel worse than when they started.

Sound familiar?

Your daily actions, thoughts, habits, and your automatic thinking are the reasons why you haven't been successful with dropping those COVID pounds.

Your behaviors, thoughts, and habits are the last link in a very long chain that needs to be broken. What happens hours before or days before is often the last link in the chain that needs to be broken. Where you need to break the link is key.

You need to become more aware of your behavior, habits, and thoughts.  These are what is stopping you from reaching your fitness goals.

You will learn how to spot these behaviors by doing a few of the exercises that I will be talking about shortly. You will master 5 minute actions to change these behaviors so you don't look at yourself as a failure on your fitness journey.

You will discover what you might say no to in order to say yes to so you can get fitter. You will learn what activities you could do less of so that you can do more. You will master the hidden wisdom that will take you to the next level of fitness.

By doing these thought provoking exercises you will discover why you are struggling. You'll begin to see the solutions to your struggles. Then you will take the steps to begin to work on the struggles. Everyone no matter how successful you perceive their level of health and fitness is, everyone has struggles. How quickly someone gets through their struggles depends on if they were able to recognize their automatic thinking and take actions to change their thinking.

Behavior awareness gives you clues as to how to start to change your habits that are affecting your fitness goals. You could start on an exercise program, eat better, and break bad habits that are affecting your health.

Step one

Make a list about what you would like to change. Then look at your day and list what you think you could change about your day.

For example not to veg on a couch and binge on Netflix with a bag of tortilla chips tortilla chips in hummus or head straight to the refrigerator when you get home from work.

Step Two

Look at that list and think about small actions that you can take to change those behaviors. The key is to do the actions that are sustainable and those actions that generally make yourself uncomfortable. These uncomfortable actions can be scary but they are growth opportunities. You want to maintain that initial change in behavior for a number of weeks. Now, go back and look at the list that you created in step one. Think of small 5 minute actions that you can do to change your behaviors and your daily habits so you can make changes to your fitness. This will get you started. You will find roadblocks that you can't figure out how to overcome. Or you can't clearly define what are the root causes of your behavior or the first links in the habit chain that need to be broken.

The Health Habits Guideline is a free guide to help you clearly define these actions. By taking you through more defined steps to really hone in on your behaviors, and the actions that you take so you can get a jump start on a clear path to improving your health and fitness. You begin to see why you over ate, why you didn't do your exercises that day or why you ate that huge hamburger with fries and washed it down with a few pints of beer.

I mentioned earlier that some of the exercises will be uncomfortable. The download will shed some light on uncovering those uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and situations. I can't stress enough how important it is to welcome those feelings, thoughts and actions that are uncomfortable as they are opportunities for you to grow. Positive growth will get you out of our slump so you can start to take those steps to improve your fitness.

In the Health Habits Guideline, you will start to think about simple steps to become more aware of your behavior that is holding you back from reaching your goals of

Losing weight

Exercising regularly

Eating better

You will become less fearful, less agitated, less frustrated, and less overwhelmed when trying to reach your health and fitness goals.

You put less pressure on yourself. 

You will be conquering your mind, breaking your habits, and change your body.

To gain access to the FREE Health Habits Guideline, click on this link to receive the download.

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